Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What is Photoshop?

 Photoshop, As you know , is a very popular, most used, product by adobe corporation.

As this is the First Article I will first, Introduce you about the Fundamentals of Graphic Designing.
What is Graphic Designing?
Graphic Designing is a well-known job, talent which is always with the people with creative-artistic ideas. And Graphic Designing was risen, after the invention of the computer, and after developing, the computer into a better stage. Before that there were no graphic Designers, There were only Artists, Painters. But now, the situation in the world is totally difference, and it has leaded those graphic designers to a great way. I, personally as a graphic Designer (GD) Thinks that the most important thing is to, before we start designing, Learn about the history, fundamentals, of Graphic Designing.
Shortly after the Graphic Designing was shown himself, Some companies, Such as Adobe, Started to invent their own softwares, which lets GDs to design things easily. So what we use today, called, Photoshop was an one of this, Adobe Company’s proud invention.
Let’s Discuss About the main purpose of the Graphic Designing/designer. As I have worked as a GD for several years. So I can give you many advice.
ü  When you are designing something, Always do the most relevant thing, which blends together with the idea you want to give through it.
ü  Always make your Graphics, readable, attractive, and Clear. It is very important part of Graphic Designing, as the readers/ visitors, or any others should have a great impression on your graphics.
ü  Don’t be a technical person, instead be a creative one.
ü  When you use Technical stuff , always be alerted not to harm your design with it.
ü  Most of the designers, nowadays, uses only techniques but it makes their designs worse than they are.
So likewise you should be alerted when you are designing, something.
And you can see in my designs, which are included in this blog, that they are simple and easy to understand as well as attractive.
What are the related works in the field?
In this field, Graphic Designing, there are many categories of designs. Some of them are listed below for you to see.
1.     Logo Designs
2.     Banner Designs
3.     Flyer Designs
4.     Ui/UX Designs
5.     Web Layout Designs
6.     Cover Images
7.     Wallpapers
8.     Tshirt Designs
9.     Print Media/ Magazines
10. Web Related Graphics (Buttons, Promotional Banners)
11. Advertising Designs
12. Etc.
So you can see that there are many more categories, of Graphic Designing, and that they are very important things.
So in our Lessons We will discuss all of these things one by one. And we will only be using Photoshop for these designing tasks, and will later use advanced softwares like Indesign, Illustrator.

Happy Learning!

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