Friday, March 6, 2015

Bloggers should know these things

Blogger means more than blogging for a blogger. If you are handling your blog well you can get more things done with your blog. As I am running my blog on Blogger I have more advantages (which I would describe later in this post). Let me start with my previous experience with blogging, then you can get a clear idea about what I am saying.

I first started my blog with the domain under the name of Xostic, which I managed to transfer it later to a custom domain, My only ambition was to write interesting posts for the readers and get my blog popular. At the very beginning I had no idea about blogging. But I managed to read more about blogging, techniques, seo etc. then I got to know how I can manage a really attractive blog and also how to make a living out of it.

Then I applied for google adsense and got it. I hired a freelancer on oDesk who described him as a 'adsense expert' to handle my adsense account and build my traffic to get more revenue. Instead doing what I told him he destroyed my adsense account by using invalid amount of clicks. Then I was truly upset and I stop blogging.

After a few months I could learn something about Adsense, after studying about Adsense for several weeks. Then I had an idea to start my blog again with a new domain. That is why I transferred my blog to the domain

With this blog I am planning to get Adsense and earn some serious money with Google Adsense. 

I wrote this article about my experience with Adsense because you should not do these kind of things which would destroy your career. Let's meet with an another fresh article in the meantime.

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