Monday, February 23, 2015

What is Religion?

Religion is a widely discussed topic through out the world. But almost every people don't know where it is originated from and the history of the religion and religious believes. This thought was came to my mind after watching the Hindi movie P.K.

You may not have think about the question: "How a religion is created?", even you may not have asked it yourself as you believe it is a bad practice to question religious, sacred things.

Let's go on a trip to the ancient times of the world....

Long long ago, at the time of the world's birth there were no living beings on the planet. According to the evolutionary theory by Charles Darwin the evolutionary process took too much time. Scientists believe that things were came to live after a dozens of chemical, biological and physical reactions. So likewise living beings were created and evolved with the time. Humans are the group of creatures who had the best thinking capacity. So they could understand more than other animals could. By the time passes those humans saw the nature, but they could not understand what is happening around them, as their knowledge was too narrow, so they thought those trees, fire, wind, clouds etc. are sacred things and they have the ability to do magical things. And then started to worship those natural things.

After people got civilized they were able to communicate with each other and also they invented languages. Communication made things easier for people. In this age human brain was very much developed but they only had a little knowledge about things around them, this paved the way for them to believe in gods.

In those times when someone died people buried them in the forests. But even after he is dead those dead people were seen by those who lived in their dreams. This was so curious and they had no idea about how it happens. So they thought: After death they were born as Gods, and that is why we see them alive again. So they worshiped those gods, there own dead people. That is why the had many gods in each religion (according to the historians). Those gods were able to advice people and even threat them in the dreams.

After few ages where more civilizations were built and more gods and believes were found people made their own religions. That is how it began. Each of these religion represented the knowledge of the people. That is the vision of them about their surrounding.

In a short way we can say, "Religion is the measure of the knowledge of the human race at the time." If people could understand their surrounding environment in a scientific way they would never create such kinds of religions.

Now you have the answer to the question " Why there are so many religions in the world?" . There are many religions in the world because there were many types of people from all around the world and their understanding was different from one to another.

But the question is, if religion represents the understanding of the people at an ancient age, why do we follow those religions in the present? It is truly unacceptable. As there is a modern science for us to believe in why should we believe in those religions?

People fear about gods who they have never seen or met before but they don't even fear about this corrupted society around them. This is your time to think about this things more deeply.

This post is open for your ideas. I am hoping to write more things on this topic.

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