Friday, March 6, 2015

Turn your android phone into a portable hard disk

Sandisk 200GB micro sd card.
Sandisk company has invented the most powerful micro sd card ever.They announced the news recently and released the product to the market at a price of $399.99 with ten-years limited warranty. It is an Ultra microSDXC card with the size of a fingernail. 

Before sandisk corporation introduced this product they released a 128GB sd card, breaking all the records at the time. With this new invention they could break their own record and win the title of  "the world's highest capacity micro sd card " again. 

Nowadays as people are using mobile devices for advanced stuff this gadget would help you to store more data on your device without any hesitation. Unfortunately this would be compatible with the modern mobile devices as the old ones doesn't support that much capacity.

Sandisk are hoping to develop more superior gadgets in the future, get in touch with us to know more about new gadgets.

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