Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Guide to Freelancing Part I

How to Become a successful Freelancer. Try out these tricks.
Outsourcing is a way of doing a job without being in an office, working area or an any other particular place. In this system you can work from home and earn money. Unlike real jobs these jobs are always better for talented people, As he/she have more free time, can work from home, can manage his time well, not pressured to do works, etc. So that Outsourcing is a better way to earn serious money. 

 Who are Freelancers?

Freelancers are the people who are doing outsourcing. They are called FREElancers, because they are absolutely FREE people. And Freelancing is referred to working as a freelancer.  This concept was firstly invented because of many reasons.
  • Big Companies/ Small Companies needed skilled employees for there posts. 
  • When there are not enough skilled people available in there territory , area or country, they searched freelancers from all around the world.
  • And the other fact is that, those freelancers can be hired for low rates than the local employees. so that it makes a profit to those companies.
  • The most profitable thing was to hire those outside peoples, so that many clients were interested in outsourcing, and they started to hire people from all over the world.
  • All of this process was done with internet. And so that to make this process more easier , the company likes oDesk,Elance,Freelancer etc. created there own websites, web services to  connect Freelancers and Clients together.
  • Today we are going to learn , "How to work with those websites to earn serious money"
What is the Best Platform to Work on?

This is a common question , which, a newbie to the field would ask. And the answer for this question is simple. 
It is,"It is  your choice to select the best platform which best fits you. I can only introduce you to them. And the stories related to those sites."
Here are some of the popular Platforms:


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