Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Guide to Freelancing Part II

And As we are studying deeply about those platforms we can choose which one of this would best match our needs, our qualifications and interests, as well as which one would be easier for us to use.
Let’s discuss about each one of these sites, one by one. First of all I would like to discuss about As  I am working on it for a long time now.

So let’s  discuss about
oDesk is an one of the largest freelancing platforms  in the world nowadays. And it is known as the best of the world. oDesk Corporation has started their career in 2004 and have done a great job since then. However nowadays there are millions of freelancers working on and another thousands of clients hiring those freelancers.
And as there are many job categories in it, anyone can find out the best jobs which suits him/ her.
·         Graphic Designing
·         Logo Design
·         Web Designing
·         Article Writers
·         Software Developers
·         Virtual Assistants
·         Data Entry Persons
·         Etc.
The jobs given above are the main categorized jobs in the site. And among these job categories, the best paid categories are Software Developing, Web Design, Graphic Design. So if you have a perfect knowledge in those fields it would help you a lot.
And in Addition to those main categories there are some more jobs, where there are a few skilled persons to do, and those jobs are high paid jobs.
For an Example : Zoho CRM Mangement, Zoho Deluge Scripting.
These Jobs are paying those freelancers above $50/per hour. So that if you have a great ability to work with these kinds of things you can earn more and more money.
So let’s discuss about how to become a successful freelancer on .
First of all you should sign up for account at And then fill all the relevant details in the sign up form, and be careful to put your real information. This is very important because this account is dealing with your legal things. Or Else you would have some troubles when you are getting paid, or withdrawing your earnings.

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