Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Guide to Freelancing Part III

Earn money with oDesk. Ultimate guide for oDesk.
After you have signed up for an account, you will brought to the ‘s page. And there you can see edit your profile at the right side of the page. And go to it, and fill out all the relevant details , info, fields. Add your employment history, Educational history, skills etc. And then upload a good photo of yours which would attract your clients, which would make you a professional freelancer.

As oDesk says, “A smiling picture of you, may appeal the clients to hire you for the post”. Here is my profile on , My Profile. Visit it and have a look at the information I have put on it. You can see that I have added some portfolios. And this is an important thing to do, to upload your previous works, portfolios. Because it would be a great advantage for you to get more jobs. The reason for that is, when the clients see your portfolios if they think it is precious, and valuable, They would surely hire you for there jobs.
And likewise, visit some more profiles and fetch the most important points, which other users have put in. After you got a good idea about , “How your profile should be?” Modify your own profile, and make it an outstanding profile.
And the next step is, facing for oDesk tests. First of all you should take the oDesk Readiness Test, which is a must do thing, and which helps you to increase your job application quota.
You can choose the best matched tests for your skills.
For Examples:
If you are a Graphic Designer you can have the
·         Photoshop Cs4 Test
·         Illustrator Test
·         Graphic Design Test
If you are a Software developer
·         Java
·         PHP
·         Android

Etc. So likewise you can choose the best tests for you. And then let’s get into the most important part of this article series. Now you have a glittering, outstanding, freelancer profile at So why do you be aside? Let’s start applying for jobs.

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