Monday, February 16, 2015

Traveled to Hikkaduwa In the morning

Hikkaduwa, located 98km south of Colombo, is an ultimate tourist destination in Sri Lanka located conveniently only a few hours away from Colombo about 20km north of Galle.
The main attraction in Hikkaduwa is the beach with options to learn and enjoy surfing, snorkeling, study corals and a great place to enjoy sun and beach entertainment.
Since Hikkaduwa became a tourist destination, many hotels, guest houses and villas were built. So you can easily find a place to settle down in Hikkaduwa.  Some of the important places are listed in our Directory.
In order to bring you some valuable information about Hikkaduwa I decided to have a ride in the morning and collect some interesting things in Hikkaduwa.  On my way to Hikkaduwa, I could write down and contact some Hotels and Restaurants as well as some other important places.  With that collected information I created a directory in my blog.
Avenra Beach- the view from the beach

After an 8km ride I could approach Hikkaduwa within 20 minutes. I approached the beach via the road near Avenra Beach hotel and took some snaps for you to see.  You can walk in the beach from Kumarakanda to Hikkaduwa Town. It is about 2kms long. I could see many locals and tourists in the beach, bathing, swimming, surfing, diving and having boat trips as well as bathing in the sun.  So if you ever come to Hikkaduwa you can do what they did there.

Beach huts- Made out of Palm Leaves
In every Hotel or Restaurant near the beach, there are huts built in the beach for you to rest. Those huts are made out of palm leaves, which give a nice sound when the wind goes through them. They have made some volleyball courts for you to play volleyball and also in the afternoon many people come to play rugby and football.

From the early in the morning till the end of the day people do water sports at here, so the beach is crowded in the whole day.

Corals are the most amazing things you can see in Hikkaduwa. The way the others watch them is just go in a trip on a glass bottom boat and see them. But the best way to do it is to go on a ‘canoe’. It is the cheapest and most interesting way to go on this trip. Don’t forget to take your snorkeling accessories with you, because you are going to dive in the sea and see them by yourself. If you don’t have snorkeling kit you can have them for rent, there are many places in Hikkaduwa to rent those things.

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