Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Travel In Sri Lanka

Travelling in Sri Lanka is an interesting thing, but the question is ‘What is the best way to travel?’

The main method people use to travel is using “Tuk Tuk”s (Three wheelers). The reason for them to use it is that those types of vehicles are not seen in their countries and they love to have a ride in them, and on the other hand it is cheaper than a rent a car. The rent for a Tuk Tuk is Rs. 30 per Km which is approximately $0.25 per Km.
You can also hire a vehicle, such as a car, jeep or a bike and drive it yourself. They charge you per day or per Km you have traveled. At some places Tuk Tuks are also available to hire.
If you want to travel around the country in a comfortable way, you can contact tour companies such as Jetwings, Exotic Travellers etc. and plan your trip with them, they have A/C Buses and other vehicles for you to travel.
Unlike in European and other developed countries Sri Lanka still don’t have electric trains. So it would be nice if you can go on a train to your favorite destinations.  In the coastal Area Trains are available from Matara to Colombo and Puttalam. The other main way is to Hill countries from Colombo to Badulla and the other one is from Colombo to Anuradhapura, Trincomalee and finally to Baticaloe. If your destinations can be approached by train it is the best way to travel.  Sometimes it may take more time than a road trip but it is interesting.
Now on some routes such as Colombo-Matara and Colombo-Kandy there are fully air conditioned, comfortable train service for travellers, with a restaurant in the train. You should specially book seats in those trains at the railway station.
If you have some money to spend you can use planes for travelling. From Bandaranayake Internation Airport (CMB), Katunayake, you can buy tickets for travelling from Katunayeke to Mattala. And also you can travel by Sea Planes too.

If you need more information about travelling medias in Sri Lanka you can contact me.

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