Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Suggested post widget for blogger

This is just a simple things, but will generate more traffic for your blog. It is because when someone is reading one of your blog articles, He may see the other articles of your blog, at the bottom of the article which he is reading.And if they are interested in those topics he would visit it too. And likewise you will be getting more traffic.

So this is a very important thing to do. The widget we use for this is called Linkwithin.

To install it you should first go to linkwithin And then at the window opens just go to the bottom, and find out the place to fill that small form.
At that form you just have to fill out the form with your information.
Blog Link:
Platform: Don't use Blogger, because It is not working just use "Other"
Width: You can choose how many blog post should appear , 3-4-5
and then click on the Get widget.
After that when the page opens. You will be able to see a html/javascript code.
Just copy it. And then go to blogger>> Layout>>Add HTML/Javascript>> Paste the code>> Click Save >> Position it on the website/blog
Now you have done with it.
Thanks for reading....

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