Tuesday, August 18, 2015

5 Best ways to spend your time on internet

This is the first article I put on the blog after the new arrangements were made to the blog. The old articles were deleted because I have new plans for better things.
In this article I will be talking about some best things you have to do on the internet.

1.       Freelancing
Freelancing is an enjoyable and a trustworthy way to earn money from home through internet. Among the thousands of sites on the internet there are a few sites where many people work, many clients to buy and 100% guaranteed. Let me list some of those sites below:
·         Upworks (was oDesk before)
·         Elance
·         Freelancer
·         Fiverr
You can try them if you haven’t tried them yet. And also in the meantime I will write about Freelancing on my blog. (I am also planning to work on an ebook about freelancing :D)
2.       Learn, Read and enjoy
Wikipedia is a place where you can read about almost everything in the world including what happened, what is happening and what will happen. Wikipedia has a database filled with tons of articles on many topics. And if you can write articles about anything that people need they give you the chance for that too. You can become a wiki writer on Wikipedia.
The link given above will take you to the main page of the Wikipedia, free encyclopedia. The main page changes daily with fresh article about something new.
3.       Shop online
You can shop on world famous shopping websites such as Ebay.com or amazon.com and buy things you want. When you buy things from those sites you have to check for the best quality product from the listings. So you will have to spend some time on this. Going up and down in the page and looking for things that suits you and contacting sellers, reviewing feedbacks given etc.
I will have more articles about this in the near future.
4.       Blogging
Blogging is interesting, fun and could be a way to earn if you do it well. Most of the bloggers are just doing it as a hobby but many other do it to earn with their blog. Anyhow if you can maintain a good blog on the net it would be a good way to spend your time.

5.       Follow Courses
There are courses on the net, both paid and free where you can learn technical things, languages, and many other things online. In common those courses are done by skilled and experienced teachers so you will be able to master anything you need with the right directions from the teachers. And also those courses are not expensive.

These are the 5 best things I recommend you to do on the internet. Let’s meet again with an valuable article next time. Till then have a good day.

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